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#OneLentjes go mini golfing

What a lovely evening out together! On Wednesday, 28 February 2024, #OneLentjes met up after work to play moonlight mini golf and do something together outside of daily business.

The meeting point was at 5 pm at the XXL Bowling Centre in Duisburg. It was a quick 20-minute drive from the office and there we were. A few colleagues had got lost in the vastness of the centre – but nobody got lost, so we were able to start on time.

Equipped with bats and balls and divided into two groups, we set off on our moonlight adventure. The moments when the balls overshot their target and had to find their way back into the lane were particularly funny. Or when colleagues surprisingly “holed out” with a shot and could hardly believe it themselves. We discovered some hidden talents that definitely need to be developed (perhaps at another minigolf game in the summer?). We would like to congratulate our IT manager Sven Maier, who was delighted to win the day’s competition.

We have definitely realised one thing: We want to do something like this more often in the near future. As you can see from the picture, it was a lot of fun. At the next #OneLentjes meeting, we plan to go on a trip to a go-kart track together. Maybe even with a real award ceremony this time!

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