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In focus: Diana Baganz, Senior Marketing Manager

My story at Doosan Lentjes began in 2014 – back then as a Marketing Assistant. My first job after graduation – very exciting it was and still is! What has been consistent throughout the many years at Lentjes is that I enjoy coming to work in the morning. You meet nice colleagues (sometimes for coffee or tea in the coffee lounges) and always have different tasks on your desk. In short, no day is the same as the next and it never gets boring 😉

What do I particularly like about Doosan Lentjes as an employer? Definitely all the opportunities to shape things myself and implement ideas. The supervisors and the management are always open to suggestions and give the necessary freedom. To give you an example: A few years ago, I attended a conference on virtual reality (VR). Putting on VR glasses for the first time was quite an experience! I sat on a virtual swing, but it felt like a real one! At the latest when the virtual swing opened and I “fell out” from a dizzy height, I knew why I had been told beforehand that I should hold on tight. After this experience it was clear to me: we need VR for Lentjes too! Why? Quite simply! Because with this technology you can make complex plants and processes not only accessible, but also tangible. Today we not only have a “virtual reference list” but can also take our customers on a flight through a virtual waste-to-energy plant. And the construction progress of our projects can also be followed with the help of VR. Lentjes has supported me in all these projects and has given me room for planning and implementation – I think that’s great and it motivates you to think outside the box! If you want to have a look at our VR applications, you can find them here: https://www.doosanlentjes.com/en/virtual-realities/

#YourVoiceMatters….. is definitely my “baby”! Linda Azmee from HR and I have developed and implemented the project ourselves from scratch. And above all, we had a lot of fun doing it. We have written an entry on our #YourVoiceMatters blog about exactly what it was like. Here is the link: https://www.doosanlentjes.com/en/career/yourvoicematters-blog/blog05/

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