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In focus: Linda Azmee, HR Specialist Recruiting & Employer Branding

My history at Doosan Lentjes is not that long – just 2.5 years – but it feels much longer! That may be because I feel so incredibly comfortable and at home here. From day one, I was warmly welcomed by all my colleagues. And that even though I wasn’t a permanent employee at Lentjes at the beginning. I started as a temporary employee, but it quickly became clear to both me and my team that it was just such a good fit that I had my permanent contract in my hands after only 7 months. To this day, it’s a decision I would make again and again.

What do I particularly appreciate about Doosan Lentjes as an employer? Doosan Lentjes gives me the creative freedom I need to develop new ideas. My position was a newly created one, so I found a “green field” that I get to plant anew every day. The work as such is super fun, the colleagues are great and I also enjoy the flexible working hours. Our management and many of the executives are very open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement, and you can exchange ideas at eye level. The internationality – both of the projects and the staff – also makes working in the HR department totally exciting.

#YourVoiceMatters….. is a corporate strategy that I support wholeheartedly and continue to bring to life every day with my colleague Diana Baganz from Marketing. I am very proud of our “baby”, which has grown quite a bit over time. Because it shows what makes us an employer special and that people work here whose voice – whether in the projects, in the daily work or in the team – matters.

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