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Tailored Grate Combustion Systems

Benefit from the most advanced thermal waste treatment available, using our proven grate combustion technology. We design and build to your individual requirements, helping select the ideal grate system for the make-up of your waste content.

  • Reciprocating grate
  • Counter-reciprocating grate
  • Roller grate

A choice of air or water-cooled grates, tailor-made combustion chamber design, and optimised steam parameters deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability you demand.

Grate combustion leads the way as the most reliable, environmentally friendly, flexible and cost-effective thermal waste treatment technology. Our global experience in grate combustion technology, combined with constant research and development, provides you with a best-in-class solution.

The Benefits of Grate Combustion

  • Unbeatable flexibility when it comes to fuel consistency and quality. Achieve reliable burnout of waste across the entire calorific value range from 6.0 to 18 MJ/kg
  • Rugged construction enables domestic and commercial waste to be burned without extensive pre-treatment
  • Adjustable reciprocating grate velocities in the three sections of the grate optimise the stoking action for perfect bottom ash quality
  • The choice of a water-cooled grate for low wear and tear and a high thermal load-bearing capacity of up to 1MW/m2. Ideal for the incineration of high-calorific waste such as solid recovered fuel
  • Tailored configuration of the combustion chamber to suit the moisture content, calorific value and volume of your waste
  • An advanced roller grate design featuring six or seven graded cylindrical rollers, which are individually regulated to adapt to different waste incineration behaviours. Constant air cooling of the roller surfaces ensures even higher calorific waste is handled with ease

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Our Belief

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

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Global Network

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