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About Us

Doosan Lentjes offers proprietary environmental technologies for thermal waste Treatment and energy generation. Our areas of expertise in clude the incineration of renewable fuels such as waste, sewage sludge and biomass, heat recovery systems and flue gas cleaning equipment. We deliver flexible solutions for long-term waste disposal safety and climate-friendly steam and power generation.


Based on our core values, we strive to contribute to the implementation of the ideas of the circular economy and to provide the greatest possible benefits to our stakeholders.


We strive to become a “proud, global Doosan” – a company that provides advanced products and services that improve the quality of life for people around the world.


We look back on almost 100 years of history – take a journey into the past with us.

Research and Development

Through ongoing research and development we constantly refine our products and drive world-class innovation.


Doosan Corporate Identity (CI) provides guidelines for each element of the Doosan visual system, including the logo.

Our Belief

The Doosan Credo is our philosophy for the 100 years. It is the spirit that drives our employees.

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