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Benefit from efficient and environmentally sound solutions for steam and power generation by collaborating with Doosan Lentjes – a recognised leader and pioneer in advanced CFB boiler technology. Our solutions help you to achieve the goals associated with the global energy transition requirements.


Using the Green Potential of Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) Boiler Technology

We understand that you are striving to make your steam and power generation process as sustainable and clean as possible. Renewable or alternative fuels play a crucial role in this, as they can reduce the carbon footprint of your operation by up to 15 times compared to when burning fossil fuels such as coal or lignite.

We are aware, however, that when using sustainable fuels, you place high demands on the combustion solution provided, which must not only ensure efficient handling of the fuel, but also achieve excellent economic results. Rely on our advanced Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) boiler technology to deliver the performance you demand. Our CFB boiler technology is characterised by highest fuel flexibility, which enables safe and high-performance combustion of different fuels such as biomass, sewage sludge and refuse derived fuels (RDF).

Thanks to integrated emission control, our CFB boiler technology also ensures an environmentally optimised combustion process. Limestone added to the furnace captures more than 90% of sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions released during the incineration. Moreover, both low-temperature and multi-stage combustion minimise the formation of thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx) and thus delivers remarkable NOx emission performance. This eliminates or reduces your need for separate external flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification for the full range of fuels, while complying with strict emission regulations. If governmental requirements necessitate a further reduction in emissions, we can provide additional air quality control equipment that can easily be integrated into the CFB plant concept.

Effective CFB Boiler Plant Design

The challenges of renewable or alternative fuels lie in their physical properties, which require appropriate handling and feeding, and in effective combustion, which is often impacted by their chemical composition, including harmful and corrosive compounds. Low calorific values, high moisture and/or ash content, as well as low ash-melting temperatures place high demands on the combustion technology.

Our bespoke CFB boiler systems have been carefully developed to help you overcoming the inherent problems associated with such fuel properties. Our focus is on ensuring appropriate temperature control, which is crucial for efficient combustion.

Our integrated Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) is one of our key plant components delivering more effective heat transfer from hot ash to steam allowing for the optimal operating conditions that result in high efficiency. Coupled with our Spiess Valve technology for reliable ash flow control, such systems also bring enhanced availability. In addition, high efficiency cyclones support efficient burn out and heat transfer in the combustor to produce steam efficiently.

Integrated Boiler Design

To ensure cost-effective constructability, our proven CFB boiler solutions have a modular design and can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements. Thanks to our continuous investment in the development of our technologies, we are able to offer you cutting-edge, customised solutions that will make your energy project a resounding success.

Doosan Lentjes’ integrated design reduces the boiler footprint and allows easy installation of new CFB units in brown field projects and retrofitting of existing plants with new advanced CFB boiler technology using existing infrastructure.

Rich Heritage as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

We have a history of more than 40 years in advanced CFB boiler technology. Our predecessor company filed the basic CFB boiler patents for power plant applications in 1976, so we are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the technology. In 1981, we designed, built, and commissioned the world’s first commercially used CFB boiler, featuring the first Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) at a multi fuel-fired industrial power plant located in Germany.

Our record of accomplishment includes more than 110 boilers with a capacity of up to 300 MWe each, which we delivered around the globe. These units reliably generate more than 22 GWth of electricity and steam, reflecting their excellent performance.

Summary of Benefits of our CFB Boiler Technology :

  • Maximum fuel flexibility
  • A cleaner carbon footprint through combustion of renewable and/or alternative fuels
  • High-efficient sulphur dioxide (SO2) capture by adding limestone to the CFB furnace
  • An efficiently controlled combustion process suppressing the formation of thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Eliminated or reduced need for separate external flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification across fuels while still complying with strict emission regulations
  • Highest efficiency through maximum utilisation of the performance potential of the fuel used
  • Integrated design with a minimised boiler footprint
  • Cost-efficient constructability
  • Flexible operation between minimum and maximum load with ramp-rate according to design requirements

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