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Learn more about our CFB boiler technology applications.


Efficient CFB Performance Across Fuels

We understand that performance is a critical factor in your choice of CFB boiler technology — especially where fuel characteristics are an issue. Whether you are planning single- or multi-fuel applications, our CFB technology is your method of choice for sustainable and high-performance steam and power generation.

Our CFB boiler technology reputation was founded on delivering efficient combustion across a wide range of fuel types, encompassing, for example:

  • Biomass (including agricultural)
  • Refuse derived fuels (RDF) / solid recovered fuels (SRF)
  • Petroleum coke and refinery by-products
  • Paper and sewage sludge
  • Paper waste and recycling residues
  • All variations of coal / lignite
  • Others
  • Mixtures of these fuels


Biomass fuels usually range from clean, relatively safe wood and forest residues to highly corrosive demolition wood and high alkali agricultural products. Depending on your individual biomass fuel type, we provide a tailor-made boiler design.

With more than 25 years of global biomass experience including new build and conversion projects, we are a competent partner for this type of sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow.

Doosan Lentjes supplies CFB boiler units that can be fired with 100% biomass. Biomass is a sustainable source of energy, which supports global goals of shaping a fully CO2-neutral economy. Doosan Lentjes’ design ranges from 20MWe to utility-size.

Waste and Multi-Fuels

Depending on your individual fuel compositions, we offer boiler solutions for the combustion of up to 100% RDF/SRF. Alternatively, the CFB boiler can also be designed to co-incinerate waste fuels such as wood waste, paper or sewage sludge or waste coal and mixtures thereof.

Multi-fuel applications allow a flexible incineration of various combustibles, including opportunity fuels like waste, petroleum, agricultural or by-products. The energetic use of these residues allows the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix to be reduced. Thus, multi-fuel units are beneficial to an improved environmental balance of power plants. Doosan Lentjes supplies tailor-made designs from 20 MWe upwards to industrial sizes.

Conventional Fuels

If your process requires the use of conventional fuels, we help you increase efficiency to reduce the environmental impact of your power plant. That is why we have developed advanced CFB boiler solutions with supercritical (SC) and ultra-supercritical (USC) water/steam cycles that enable you to maximise the performance potential of the steam generated. By operating at elevated temperature and pressure parameters, our SC and USC CFB boilers are able to achieve net efficiencies of up to 45% and power outputs of up to 600 MW per unit, resulting in:

  • Minimised fuel consumption
  • Improved emission performance
  • Reduced requirements for consumables needed for additional air quality control systems (e.g. limestone)
  • Minimised quantities of ash produced

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