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Excursion to the wood-fired power plant in Dinslaken

A construction site right around the corner – if that doesn’t invite you to go on an excursion together! And so, in June 2022, almost 30 colleagues armed with personal protective equipment (PPE) set off in the direction of Dinslaken to visit the construction site of the new wood-fired power plant together.

We set off at 2 p.m. sharp. Almost three quarters of an hour later, the group arrived at the construction site and was warmly welcomed by the site team. Before starting, we got some refreshments and biscuits in the container wagons. A small highlight was a “little greeting from the construction site”: delicious MAOAM in the “Bob the Builder” look.

After everyone had fortified themselves, the colleagues split up into three groups and started the tour – always accompanied by one of the colleagues from the construction site team, of course – after all, the motto was: Safety first!

The tour took us through the entire power plant: we were able to take a look into the bunker, but also into the combustion chamber and the boiler. From the very top we had a great view of the landscape and of the steel structure in which the flue gas cleaning system will later be integrated. The tour was not only very informative, but also lastingly impressive, not only for those who have never been on one or especially this construction site, but also for those who definitely have (a lot of) construction site experience. To see how such a power plant grows in height, how imposing it looks in its surroundings and how our technologies and processes are “brought to life” is quite fascinating.

After about an hour, all groups were back at the meeting point on time. Before heading back to Ratingen, one or the other group photo was taken, of course. It was a great afternoon, which our colleagues in Ratingen and on site in Dinslaken had organised wonderfully and very lovingly.

If you would like to see what it looks like on the construction site in Dinslaken, you will find it in our 360° construction documentation: https://vrs.link/doosan-lentjes/dinslaken/

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