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Master Thesis

for students in process engineering, environmental engineering,
mechanical engineering, or similar study programs

Dynamic modelling and simulation of Waste to Energy plants

Introduction: Doosan Lentjes offers proprietary environmental technologies for thermal waste and sewage sludge treatment and energy recovery. Our areas of expertise include the combustion of renewable fuels such as waste, sewage sludge and biomass, heat recovery systems and flue gas cleaning equipment. We deliver flexible solutions for long-term waste disposal security and climate-friendly steam and power generation.

Background: Dynamic simulation can be an efficient tool for improving the flexibility of power generation in transient operation such as load changes, start-up and shut-down procedures. Engineering applications of dynamic simulation in the field of power plant design include the optimization of control loops, trouble shooting for critical components, function tests and plant safety analysis in malfunction scenarios.

Aims: The thesis aims at modelling transient operation of waste to energy systems so as to gain more knowledge into critical dependencies of power plant components and operation. Increasing the efficiency of combustion systems, steam-water cycles and flue gas cleaning procedures will lead to reduced CO2 emissions.

Approach and Tasks:

  • 1. Modularization of Waste to Energy System und dynamic modelling
  • 2. Simulation / optimization of controllers / control parameters and control loops for sub systems
  • 3. Comparison of results with operations data and literature
  • 4. Evaluation, presentation and discussion of results

Interest in numerical simulation, knowledge of thermal energy conversion systems and knowledge of Java language is an advantage

Start date: flexible

Interested students should contact:
Linda Azmee,
HR Specialist Recruiting & Employer Branding
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Our Belief

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