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Fiddler’s Ferry

Doosan Lentjes, in cooperation with the local main contractor EKON, retrofitted the 2×160 MWe lignite-fired power plant in Can, Turkey, with a modern wet flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) system. The contract included engineering, supply of key equipment and consulting services for both erection and commissioning.

Using the proven limestone wet desulphurisation process helps the plant owner, the local electricity provider EÜAS, to reduce the negative environmental impact of their power generation process. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) absorption rates close to 99% secure compliance with all applicable governmental emission regulations and thus obtain a long-term permit to operate their two boilers.

Despite the difficult conditions caused by Covid-19, we were able to minimise the impact on the execution of the project thanks to the good cooperation with the customer, EKON, and other contractual partners. Since we carried out the retrofit while the plant was still in operation, the customer benefited from minimum plant downtime and thus maximum plant availability.

For more technically detailed information, please download our Can Plant Profile.

Can Plant profile (PDF, 1,025KB)

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