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    Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

    Our unstinting focus on quality, outstanding safety performance, and environmental vision, demonstrates our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities we serve.

    Safety at the Heart of Our Business

    Our approach to safety is driven by the simple premise that safety transcends all commercial concerns. Wherever we operate in the world, we are committed to the safety of our people, partners and the local communities where we work.

    We recognise that robust safety is about combining sound plant and equipment with conscientious and proficient people. This is why we work hard to foster a positive safety culture at Doosan Lentjes, driven by strong communication, mutual trust, teamwork and shared values.

    This culture extends to every project, where safety in design, construction and commissioning is systematically planned and implemented.

    Delivering on Our Environmental Goals

    Our environmental responsibilities begin with a commitment to minimise any impact on the environment from our work.

    We look beyond this to build long-term legacies for a sustainable future, supported by training and developing our people. Our rigorous, systematic approach helps to ensure full compliance with all environmental and legal requirements. It also enables us to demonstrate our positive environmental performance to customers and the wider world, and provides us with sound knowledge and insight to improve our environmental performance still further.

    Harnessing a Global Vision and Values

    Our environmental vision is based on by four key objectives:

    • - To protect and enhance our customer's reputation
    • - To employ best environmental practice across all our operations
    • - To meet all legal responsibilities
    • - To act as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we operate.

    This is supported by our company-wide values, where we strive to:

    • - Promote and protect our reputation as a respected company
    • - Ensure we are a good neighbour to our people, partners, local communities, regulators and all stakeholders in the wider environment.