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Cost-effective Seawater Flue Gas Desulphurisation

As a world leader in designing, building and refining Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) technology, we understand that lowering running costs is vital to the long-term success of your business.

Seawater is a natural and freely available desulphurisation solution that can neutralise flue gases with minimal environmental impact, making it the right choice for FGD at power plants in coastal regions.

Our seawater FGD enables you to achieve the same levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen chloride (HCI) and hydrogen fluoride (HF) removal from flue gases as a wet lime/limestone process, without the associated costs of limestone slurry and by-product disposal.

To further lower your operating costs, our cutting-edge simulation software and mathematical reaction modelling enables the system to be tailored to your specific operating conditions, allowing efficient part load operation.
We believe it’s the most powerful and cost-effective FGD system for oil and coal-fired coastal power plants.

Harness the Natural Desulphurisation Power of Seawater

The seawater FGD uses seawater from your power plant cooling circuit as a natural absorbent for the acid components in the flue gas.

Flue gases such as SO2 react with naturally dissolved bicarbonates in the seawater and are oxidised into sulphates. As sulphates occur naturally in seawater, it can be pumped back out to sea with no further treatment.

Our extensive innovation in wet FGD systems has strongly influenced our seawater FGD technology. The neutralisation and oxidation basin is equipped with ultra-modern, highly efficient aeration membranes, similar to those used in our wet FGD process.

The Key Benefits of Our Seawater FGD

When you work with Doosan Lentjes, you benefit from:

  • Our experience and constant technological innovation in FGD systems
  • Reduced investment, maintenance and operating costs; minimum air and energy use
  • SO2 capture above 99%, with maximum HF and HCI removal
  • Freely available scrubbing solution (seawater) and no associated waste disposal costs
  • Simple system configuration with reliable components
  • Flexible operating capacity for part load operation
  • Excellent environmental performance verified by independent institutes; seawater quality is almost completely restored.

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