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Foundation and Growth 1928~1989

  • 1928, Ferdinand Lentjes founds boiler manufacturing company.

    We’ve remained at the forefront of boiler technology for almost 100 years

  • 1980, Company acquires Burmeister & Wain A/S, steam generation specialists.

    The oldest manufacturer of steam boilers in the world, Burmeister added their knowledge and expertise to our R&D efforts.

  • 1982, Company designs, builds and commissions the world’s first commercial CFB boiler

    The boiler featured a Fluidised Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHE) and paved the way to efficient CFB boiler technology.

  • 1984, Company acquires Gottfried Bischoff GmbH, flue gas desulphurisation technology specialists.

    Gottfried Bischoff GmbH pioneered the wet limestone flue gas desulphurisation process, the perfect complement to Lentjes’ CFB boiler.

  • 1985, Company acquires Standardkessel GmbH, boiler specialists.

    Standardkessel was also researching and developing CFB boiler technology.

Transformation and Looking to the Future 1990 ~ 2013

  • 1990, Lentjes GmbH is acquired by Former Metallgesellschaft

    The oldest manufacturer of steam boilers in the world, Burmeister added their knowledge and expertise to our R&D efforts.

  • 1992, Lurgi AG fluidised bed activities, Lentjes GmbH and Deutsche Babcock Energietechnik GmbH amalgamate to form LLB Lurgi Lentjes Babcock Energietechnik GmbH. Boiler activities, flue gas desulphurisation activities and miscellaneous technologies amalgamate to form Lurgi Lentjes AG.

    This merger brought together companies involved with boilers, flue gas desulphurisation technologies and other related technologies to form Lurgi Lentjes AG.

  • 2005, Lurgi Lentjes AG is renamed Lentjes GmbH.

    In 2005 we became Lentjes GmbH.

  • 2007, Lentjes GmbH is acquired by AE&E (Austrian Energy&Environment) to form AE&E (Austrian Energy&Environment) Lentjes.

    In 2007 we became AE&E Lentjes.

  • 2011, AE&E Lentjes is sold to Korea’s Doosan Group to form Doosan Lentjes GmbH.

    In 2011 we became part of the Doosan Group.

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We aspire to become a Proud Global Doosan - a leading innovator of products and services that improve the quality of life for people and communities around the world.

Our Strategy


Doosan’s strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People. 2G is a virtuous circle where people drive the business growth, which in turn provides our people the opportunity for advancement. Doosan believes that sustained success can only come through people.

Global Network

Global Network

Find out how Doosan Lentjes is creating innovation and changes around the world.

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